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# of Events Attended: 27
Last run 07/29/10



NW (Magenta-Kings):
NE (Smoky-Gigas):
SW (Charcoal-Fomors):
SE (Smalt-Weapons):

Bella's SET
NW (Magenta-Kings):
NE (Smoky-Gigas):
SW (Charcoal-Fomors):
SE (Smalt-Weapons):

Xobu's SET
NW (Magenta-Kings): O
NE (Smoky-Gigas):
SW (Charcoal-Fomors):
SE (Smalt-Weapons):

Temenos SET (Tier 1)
West Emerald: -used-
North (Ivory): SS
East (Scarlet): -used-

Temenos SET (Tier 2) 
CENTRAL F1: Soothsayer
CENTRAL F2: Soothsayer
CENTRAL F3: Soothsayer

- - - - - - - - - -

# Homam Head = 1
# Homam Body
# Homam Hands = 1
# Homam Legs = 4
# Homam Feet = 4

# Nashira Head
# Nashira Body
# Nashira Hands
# Nashira Legs
# Nashira Feet



We are Limbus linkshell on the FFXI Unicorn server.

Although the shell itself is relatively new, there is tremendous experience behind it.  Both leaders have been playing since the NA release of FFXI & have countless successful Sea and limbus raids behind them.  We welcome other interested & experienced players to join our limbus group for some robot-kickin' action.

Runs are held twice a week:


Gather in Port Jeuno @ 10:00 PM EST
Departure for Sea/Event starts @ 10:30 PM EST


Gather in Port Jeuno  @ 10:30 PM EST
Departure for Sea/Event starts @ 11:00 PM EST

(Please note the 30-minute time difference between the two days, affected by Cosmo-Cleanse.)

Please read our rules & policies outlined in the forums.

You can submit an application on the forums, or /tell either Soothsayer or Sweetbella to join.



{Taking a break.}

Bella_FFXI, Aug 6, 10 1:24 AM.
{Taking a break.}

Well, like everyone else who isn't a cyborg or extra-terrestrial,
I'm throwing in the towel for a much needed hiatus...

My content ID has been canceled & linkshells have been dropped.
Maybe it's a little impulsive, but sometimes the extreme is needed
to break away from the strings. 

A few things happened:
I just got a promotion at work, and as if I wasn't already
working my ass off, my hours have been extended even more.  On top of this, college is about
to start up again in a few weeks.  As you can see, my RL schedule is about to be jam-packed,
with hardly any room for much else... especially FFXI.  I'd like to still eat, sleep, breathe, and
OMG HAVE A LIFE (lol), so I just can't fit in anymore time staring at my computer screen. 
And honestly, the game has been monotonous, frustrating, and (at times) boring for a while now,
so this was inevitable.  The deciding factor was coming home tonight tired, hungry, sleepy...
...and Sooth asking if I was going to log on. Ugh.

I'm sorry, but I don't have the time, energy, or desire to do much on here these days.
This is goodbye for now.

I took the liberty of recording your points, in case anyone wants to continue
this Limbus group:

Arturio 16
Baddaboom 1
Claquesous/Montparnasse 29.5
Kekkai 24.5
Kenji 1
Mayson 32.5
Phoenyx 6
Serkand 18
Sincere 23.5
Soothsayer 36
Sweetbella 36
Syphshadow 1
Tihchohih 2
Tylk 39
Xobuwai 30

I don't know yet what Sooth has planned for his own gaming routine, but
I'm sure he'll let you all know what he decides to do.

Take care, yall...
Remember that RL > pixels.


OMEGA #5: Xobu is still gimpsauce.

Bella_FFXI, Jul 30, 10 1:11 PM.
Welcome new friends & new recruits!

It was a first-time EVAR Omega for some... Pile Pitch is still not our friend.
But, way to make it a quick fight!

Best part: Bella didn't have to play WHM for the night...

Oh, and the double-legs drops were nice too :x

Congratz Xobu & Tito (or Toto, if you prefer)!!!

Tito is relatively new to the LS - proof that gear is distributed over the entire roster :)
Xobu on the other hand...


On a side note, our lotting policy has changed...
Please read new information on the forums as it pertains to you.

Also, we're still looking for one or two more members to help us move on to Ultima.
(Poor Serk needs some Nashira!!! ...And so do SS & Bella lol.)

Still recruiting:
...and other well-geared, dedicated players with a good variety of jobs.

OMEGA #4: Excuse Me While I Have a Heart Attack

Bella_FFXI, Jul 2, 10 1:11 PM.
But, Bella might be too....


8 LS members + 3 helpers + 2 mules = THIS.

Oh good, I still have a pulse.

LOL, with half our LS on MIA or hiatus for summer vacations & what not,
we've been low manning for the last few weeks...
Last night was another struggle with attendance,
so we're eagerly waiting everyone's return so things aren't so chaotic.

Also, I cannot stress this enough:
We need more recruits!!!
More dedicated WHM, BLM, and SAM could really round out our rosters!

In any case, I'm glad we got the kill last night lol...

Gratz to Kek & MonTARU.


P.S. Xobu is still gimp.
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